Winnipeg Sun Rebuttal

Dave Wheeler rebuttals Winnipeg Sun

When I made my announcement to run for MLA, I made it very clear that I was not going to be speaking with traditional media, the way I’m running this campaign in being accountable to my constituents, not to the media who have fallen victim to click-bait headlines and spin-doctored articles.  I should preface all of this by saying that I used to write for the Winnipeg Sun and have a lot of friends that still work in print media, it’s nothing personal; more political!

That being said, I wanted to write a “rebuttal” to the article The Sun printed last week in their publication:

Fired radio show host turned want-to-be politician has published his campaign platform full of “lame jokes,” sarcastic comments and no concrete plans or promises for the ward.

Prefacing an article like this does nothing more than make it sound like I’m not taking this campaign seriously.  That couldn’t be further from truth, but I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not, so injecting some humour into my platform is just who I am.  As far as “promises”, my promise is to stay accountable to my constituents, and was made very clear.

Dave Wheeler announced he will be running as an Independent candidate for MLA of McPhillips on Monday. The former Rogers Media morning show host was fired in July 2018 after making on-air comments targeting Transgender people.

It’s “Transgendered” people, I would’ve expected The Sun to be more sensitive to that community, funny how we hold people accountable in different ways.

Earlier this week, Wheeler released the first official look at his platform on his campaign website blog.  “This seems like a perfect time for a lame joke,” Wheeler wrote on his blog. “I could rattle off a bunch of B.S. like how much I love my community, family, pets… blah, blah. But if you’re curious to know what my day to day is, and how my family operates; my wife and I share ourselves to the internet daily via Podcast.”

I’ve been accused of running in this election to promote my podcast.  That’s not entirely untrue, I would like constituents to listen to the daily podcast more to understand who I am, and what kind of human being I am, rather than it being for promotional gain.  What do we know about our elected officials outside of what we read about in the media?  Again, to reiterate the quote from my blog, what better way to gain confidence in your elected official than by understanding who they are through how they speak with their spouse, how they speak about their children, and how they interact with neighbours and strangers?  My podcast offers all of that, and I am proud of the man that I am, and how I’m evolving as a human everyday.  You are more than welcome to participate by calling our voicemail and having your questions answered: (204)-615-3283 (DAVE).

Wheeler lists the reasons he wants to be MLA; he said he needs a job, he knows how to tie a tie, and he might make his mother proud.

I also said that I enjoy titles with acronyms, but I guess that line flew over the head of the editors at The Sun.  I would love to have a PhD title following my name one day, I like the idea of heading back to school after I’m 65 (cause it’s free!) and tackling a doctorate.

Wheeler did say he would look at the logistics of traffic intersections on Chief Peguis when it gets extended and questioned whether Winnipeg takes advantage of the Red River as a means for transit. Wheeler also said he and his wife would be available to take questions via a YouTube live stream on Sunday nights.

I thought they said I didn’t make any concrete plans or promises in my announcement?  Odd how they’ve now decided to mention some of the things that I would do if elected as MLA.  They also must’ve read through that blog post very quickly, as it was never said that Candace (my wife), would be joining me on the Sunday Live YouTube Stream.  I’m running in this election, as much as my wife is my rock in life, she’s not running in this election, I am.  Plus, we talk enough to each other on the daily podcast, I wouldn’t subject her to being obligated to doing any more.

The Sun has made multiple attempts to contact Wheeler. He has not responded.

The Sun obviously didn’t do a lot of research on this topics, if they checked my Twitter feed, or even listened to the podcast where I made the announcement, they would have been aware of my decision not to speak with any traditional media, and could have saved some time instead of blowing up my phone/email/twitter with messages asking for a comment.

The newly established McPhillips ward includes much of the St. Paul riding, extends north from Inkster Boulevard and includes the RM of West St. Paul.

There are three other nominated candidates running for MLA of the riding. Shannon Martin, MLA for Morris, was nominated by the PCs. Greg McFarlane, former Seven Oaks School Division Trustee, was nominated by the NDP. John Cacyuran, a former investigator for the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba, was nominated by the Liberal party.

I’m glad they brought this up, not a single one of these candidates live in the area that they’re running in, I talked about this on the YouTube stream this past Sunday, but I really do think that’s a major point in this ward.

The MLA candidates had little to say about their Independent opponent.

“I don’t really have a reaction, I don’t really know him and I didn’t listen to him on the radio,” said Martin. “Democracy is a wonderful thing. If individuals are willing to participate and put their names forward regardless of political strength, I welcome all of it.”

Interesting how they were so concerned about my ‘lack’ of campaign ‘promises’ but didn’t bother asking any of the others about theirs?!  I suppose since they have a major political party backing them, the readers don’t need to know, or already know?  I may not have the ‘strength’ of a major political party backing me, but I do have the strength to accept the responsibility of representing my community.

Martin’s sentiment was echoed by McFarlane.

“Everybody has the right to run,” McFarlane said. “What he has to bring to the community; that is to be seen.”

I appreciate your vote of confidence, I look forward to showing you exactly what I can do for my community.

Cacyuran was unavailable for comment.

I wonder if Mr. Cacyuran is also not speaking with traditional media?  Or did they just not try hard enough to contact him by calling half a dozen times?