This seems like a perfect time for a lame joke.  Something like: “It’s something I stand on when I sing.”  Or, even simpler would be “Instagram”, or “Shoes”.  Here’s the thing, 99% of politicians want to tell you what THEY want to do, I’m more interested in what YOU want me to do.  When it comes to some of the ‘big ticket’ issues in politics, I want to represent what they majority of the constituency wants, which is half the reason why I’m running as an independent (the other half is none of the parties asked me).  I understand that we elect officials to take care of the menial day to day stuff, it’s why we don’t vote on every issue via referendum. Up to this point in our history, it really hasn’t been possible to do so.

In this day and age of technology, our elected officials should be more accountable to the constituency via ‘platforms’ such as social media.  Long gone are the days of door knocking.  If someone knocks on your door and you’re not expecting them, it’s more of an inconvenience than it is a pleasure.  Who the eff wants someone to roll up at your door and tell YOU how things should be done in your life and why they’re the ones that are going to deliver that for you?  So you tell me the way you want things done at the legislative building here in the Capital of Manitoba.  When it come to that aforementioned day to day boring stuff that doesn’t directly affect you, and you want to know what kind of human being I am and the way I tick; a knock on your door isn’t going to give you a good indication of who I am.  Instead I invite you to join me every Sunday evening for 20 minutes online via YouTube, where I will field live calls, answer emails and social media questions from constituents.  If Sunday evening don’t work for you, it will be available online via podcast that you can access on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer (or even your neighbours computer).

I could rattle off a bunch of B.S. like how much I love my community, family, pets… blah, blah.  But if you’re curious to know what my day to day is, and how my family operates.  My wife and I share ourselves to the internet daily via Podcast.  If you really want to know what kind of character I have, I invite you to listen, I have nothing to hide, and trust me… we don’t.

Why do I want to be MLA?

  1. I need a job
  2. I’m good at arguing
  3. I have thick skin
  4. I know how to tie a tie
  5. I enjoy titles with acronyms
  6. Politics needs a voice for the young and old, I happen to be right in between
  7. I might make my mother proud
  8. I live in the area

As far as ideas, I have a lot of them, and I’d like us to share these ideas to best protect, and progress our area of the province.  When Chief Peguis gets extended to Route 90, what do we want done?  Overpass?  Underpass?  4 way lights?  Let’s make sure we’re making the best decision for the future of infrastructure.  Are we using the Red River enough for transit?  Is building docks along the Red River in our boundary a good idea?  Should we encourage winter transit on The River?  There are so many great possibilities for this province, and for our riding.


Let’s do it together.

Dave Wheeler